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Cardboard tubes

The cardboard tubes are manufactured with spiral or straight winding.
References Ø Inside Thickness Length Properties of the cardboard tubes Applications of the cardboard tubes
Spiral cardboard tubes
10 to 1000 mm 1 to 20 mm
according to Ø
5 mm to
10 m
Strength, tolerance, straightness in compliance with specifications of the cardboard tube Winding of paper, board and plastic films.
High strength cardboard tubes
Consult us
for specific models of the cardboard tube
and dimensions
Crush resistance of the cardboard core dynamic load, vibration (E-modulus) Winding, unwinding, very high speed printing, heavy rolls
Smooth surface cardboard tubes
Smooth surface, low waviness and roughness
of the cardboard tube
Winding of thin films or fine paper
Radial compression cardboard tubes
Control of the cardboard tube contraction (resistance to high pressure on the cardboard core) Plastic stretch films
Convolute cardboard tubes
28 to 80 mm
225 to 600 mm

2 to 10 mm
according to Ø and
3 to 30 mm

up to
2050 mm
Straight winding, bending resistance
of the cardboard tube
Textiles, dyes and finishes, metal foils
The cardboard tube dimensions are not exhaustive, consult us for further information
Service for customised cutting of cardboard tubes to size.
The cardboard tube is a technological product which requires know-how, precision, regularity and cleanliness.
Abzac has been specialised in the production of cardboard tubes for over 80 years. Thanks to the investments made in its central laboratory, it continues to innovate in order to offer ranges of high performance cardboard tubes. Abzac fully masters performances such as :
crush resistance, dynamic load and vibration (E-modulus), all essential criteria for cardboard tubes and cardboard core in the paper industry
radial compression and surface appearance, waviness and roughness, criteria expected from cardboard tubes in the plastic film industry.
As part of its constant quality policy, Abzac meets the requirements of the ISO 9000-V 2000 standard.
Thanks to its know-how and in-depth knowledge of cardboard, Abzac can meet the requirements of cardboard tube and cardboard core markets and users.
Several years of research have made it possible to determine the technical characteristics of a specific cardboard for cardboard tubes.
In cooperation with its partner suppliers, Abzac has developed a raw material which meets the constraints to which the cardboard tubes are subjected
Control of the raw material together with the measurement capacity guarantees the result.
Abzac today offers a range of standard, versatile and customizable cardboard tubes.
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