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Crimped drum options

Crimped drum body

For direct packaging, the drum body can be fitted with a wide range of linings selected according to the product to be packaged: aluminium, plain or coloured polyethylene, coloured Kraft, polyester, or silicone.

The cardboard drum can hold an inner pocket, glued or not, and include handles.

The cardboard drum is customisable and can be decorated with any type of paint and silk-screen printing.

 Option des fûts sertis


Crimped drum closing

Three types of lids, plastic, metal or Kraft.

They are generally closed with a metal chime band and a secure, sealable handle.Option: a chime band and plastic closure handle can be used.

Crimped drum bottom

The crimped drum bottom is made from laminated Kraft with a polyethylene barrier that can be reinforced. It is possible to request a metal background.


All-fibre drum options

> All-cardboard drum body

The Abzaplus all-cardboard drum body is designed for direct packaging or with an inner pocket. The drum can be painted and customised using silk-screen printing. For difficult conditions of use, temporary long-distance export in wet environments, the drum body can be water-proofed (Abzaclim).

Poche intérieure


> All-cardboard drum closure

For Abzaplus, 2 types of lids, Kraft or plastic with 2 models of bands, metal or tamper-proof handle.
For Abzasanté, 2 types of lids, Kraft or plastic, with a tamper-proof plastic band. No metal.

Fermeture du fût tout carton


> All-cardboard drum bottom

The all-cardboard drum bottom is protected with a stackable tamper-proof cardboard corner or made from stackable plastic.

 Le fond du fût tout carton

Cardboard drum, easy to handle

OPTIONS Crimped drum All-kraft drum
Paint X X
Silk-screen printing X X
Lining X  
Pocket glued or not X X
Metal band X X
Plastic band X X
Metal lid X  
Cardboard lid X X
Plastic lid X X
Cardboard bottom X X
Metal bottom On demand  
Wooden bottom On demand  
Metal handles X  
Fabric handles X X
T Sealing X X


 Cardboard drum, easy to handle

The cardboard drum is lightweight and perfectly suited to preventive measures linked to load constraints during manual handling.

For example, the cardboard drum is lighter than a metal drum, so when an operator moves it, or guides it on a belt, all handling becomes easier. And at the end of the day, the handler has less weight to lift!

The cardboard drum or Kraft drum can be used by industrial firms to prevent strenuous work and limit handling constraints.

For example, if compared to a cardboard box or a square drum, the round cardboard drum can "roll" very easily on the ground. It can be moved without lifting. Handles can also be added to make handling easier.

It can also be noted that all traditional mechanisation and handling support tools are suitable for cardboard drums (forks, pallet trucks, stackers, etc.). The round cardboard drum is ideal for continuous transport of materials on travelling strips or conveyor belts.

The round drum can follow the belt, including round bends, which is sometimes an issue with square or rectangular packaging.

Le fût carton, facile à manipuler

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