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The AZ S cardboard tube range


Abzac's cardboard tubes with a smooth surface appearance are designed for winding of fine industrial films, polypropylene and polyester films, self-adhesives, and high-performance metal foil.
The manufacturing process of the smooth cardboard tubes enables control of the surface appearance.

The low waviness reduces the risk of marking the film surface:

  • Less waste,
  • Higher machine throughput,
  • Lower overall costs.

Specific manufacture and controls.

Control of dimensional characteristics: straightness and concentricity.

Cutting to length.

Customized packaging.

Customer advantages


  • A Functional Product that reduces waste.
  • Lower overall costs: 

o Standardized references,

o Generates savings by redefining products (reduced thicknesses),

o Simplified stock management.

  • A positive environmental approach.


Critère, valeurs maxiAZ S2AZ S3AZ S4
150 μ 90 μ 60 μ
Not measured < 5 μ < 3 μ

100% recycled, reduced waste  =   for the environment

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