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Open top industrial packaging solution for the packaging, transport and storage of dry, pasty, semi-liquid, or liquid products.

What is a fibre drum ?

The Abzac Kraft drum is an open-A fibre drum is an open-top round cardboard packaging solution suited to the specific needs of its content. The cardboard drum is an excellent alternative to the metal drum, plastic drum and cardboard box. This packaging is innovative.

The Kraft drum is lightweight, sturdy and provides the best printing quality. These applications are incomparable in the field of health and hygiene.

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The advantages of the Abzac Kraft drum

The Abzac fibre drum or Kraft drum is a custom cardboard packaging solution that meets the specific needs of its content with a wide range of inners and outers.

It is easy to use on automated packaging chains (conveyors, etc.).

Economical, sturdy, ecological, lightweight. Suitable for: outdoor storage, emptying by pump, and stacking.

Abzac has 4 manufacturing sites in Europe specialised in manufacturing cardboard drums, which guarantees reliable supplies.

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What products for what markets ?

The open-top cardboard drum or Kraft drum is the ideal solution for the packaging, transport and storage of dry, paste, semi-liquid, or liquid products.

It is often used in the fine chemical, industrial pharmaceuticals, agrifood, inks, paints, adhesives and colourants industries.

The cardboard drum is also perfectly suited to difficult long-distance export conditions

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The full range of Abzac drums

Open-top cardboard drums or fibre drums: from 20 litres to 250 litres.

Two main families of cardboard drums suited to different industries and conditions of use:

  • Crimped drums, from the standard model to specific models, Abzalis, Abzaclim, Abzaliq
  • All-fibre drums, Abzaplus and Abzasanté, perfectly suited to stringent cleanliness requirements

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100% environmentally-friendly Kraft drums

Abzac has adopted a sustainable development policy.

The Kraft drum, made from natural or recycled fibres, is an environmentally-friendly form of packaging. Developed in the cardboard industry, the fibre drum reuses the forest's natural and renewable resources. It is entirely recyclable or incinerable. Lightweight, easy to handle and package, it helps to reduce CO2 emissions and transport costs.

Compared to metal and plastic drums, the Kraft drum generates lower CO2 emissions.

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Approuved, high-reliability Kraft drums

Abzac has a central control laboratory to develop and check the quality of its products.

Fibre drums undergo a series of tests: drop, vibrations, vertical compression, tightness, waterproofness, cleanliness, etc. Abzac is certified ISO 9001-V2015.

UN approval

Many models of Abzac cardboard drums are approved for transport of materials classified as hazardous by the UN.

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The range of fibre drums

The fibre drums or Kraft drums match the specific requirements of their content: use, image,
presentation, transport, handling and destruction.

  Fibre drum with open top, with top and bottom crimped metal chime bands
Crimped fibre drums Standard Abzalis
Emptying by pressure plate
Outdoor storage
Liquid products
Fibre drum with inner core for cables and wires
  Open-top all fibre drum
All-fibre drum Abzaplus Abzasanté Wire-mills    

Abzac Packaging fibre drums can be UN-approved for the transport of hazardous materials.


Utilisation conditions


Type of product Dry, solid, pasty Liquid
Dangerous ok no
Non dangerous ok ok
Outside Storage ok ok
Hot filling ok ok
Direct filling ok ok
Moisture sensitive products ok ok


Main fibre drum dimensions

They come in 10 main diameters and roughly 50 standard heights. The manufacturing technique makes it possible to produce the height, and therefore the content, required by the end-user.

Fibre drum dimensions Ø inside Height Capacity
Min. 305 300 mm 20 litres
Max. 571,5 1 000 mm 250 litres

Quality of the Abzac fibre drums

Abzac devotes particular attention to the choice and quality control of the raw materials used in its fibre drums to meet its objective of total quality. Abzac benefits from its own central R&D laboratory.

Numerous quality tests on its fibre drums are carried out, including, for example:
drop tests, tests on a vibration table to simulate the constraints for the fibre drum during the transport, vertical compression, tight-sealing and waterproof tests.

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