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Technological Innovation: sustainable development at the heart of the product

Multifold® the new generation of edge protectors, patented model of carboard corner, by Abzac.

Abzac offers a new eco-designed edgeboard which meets the requirements for protection and reinforcement of packaging and products.

Abzac produces carboard corners in Canada, United States and Europe.

With a sustainable approach to reduce the use of resources, Abzac has developed a new cardboard corner, optimized for your needs, while being lighter, and just as resistant.

Multifold® edge protectors are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. The patented pleating technology allows for less paper to be used, resulting in greater strength than traditional edge protectors. By being lighter and smarter in design, more Multifold® edge protectors can be stored during transport, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing Multifold® , you are helping to reduce your environmental footprint at the source.

This saves space, reduces waste and CO2, up to -30%

Choose the Multifold® Abzac = Act for the environment.


Customer advantages

  • Eco friendly carboard corner
  • Light weight
  • Space savings
  • Impact resistance
  • Economical
  • Easy to use

Abzac's technical expertise:

Abzac has built up technical expertise with Multifold® cardboard protective angles: today we know how to support each of our customers according to their distinct warehousing and storage needs. Mutlifold® offers advantages and competitive flexibility in the marketplace. The benefits are great and everyone of our customers can take advantage of them.

 Co2 Impact reduction = Choose Abzac Cardboard Corner and Act for Environment

Applications: protect your products



Cardboard corners facilitate and secure the handling and transport of products by offering:

  • Impact resistance, stacking reinforcement, security and pallet stability.
  • Effective corner and edge protection with better rigidity thanks to wrapped corners.

Rigid cardboard corners are used as angles or wedges for the protection and reinforcement of all forms of packages, boxes, pallets.

We work and develop shaping solutions hand-in-hand with customers in the automotive, aeronautics, wood, food and beverage, furniture, aviation, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries.


Cardboard corners Multifold®Abzac: suitable for the long distance transport.
Some of our customers ship their industrial, food or pharmaceutical goods to distant destinations . Multifold® edge protectors provide superior protection against crushing and twisting. The goods being transported are held securely in place. The unique and patented folding technology of the Multifold® edge protectors ensures that goods are better protected during transport. A real advantage when the road is long.



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