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The AZ RC cardboard tube range


Abzac AZ RC radial tubes are designed for winding of industrial films.
The manufacturing process used for radial tubes enables full control of the radial compression strength specific to the winding of films, namely the uniform pressure applied to the entire circumference of the cardboard tube.

The radial technical approach provides a precise answer to our customers’ demands:

• In cooperation with its supplier partners, Abzac has developed a raw material meeting the specific constraints to which cardboard tubes are subjected.
• Abzac’s laboratory is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to simulate the radial effect and for the development and quality control of the cardboard tubes and cores.

The end result is guaranteed thanks to the mastery of the raw material combined with measurement capacity and specific manufacturing and quality control processes.


Customer advantages 

  • A Functional Product that reduces waste.
  • Lower overall costs:
  • Standardized references,
  • Generates savings by redefining products (reduced thicknesses),
  • Simplified stock management.
  • A positive environmental approach.

Courbe effort compression tubes

100% recycled, cardboard, reduced waste =   for the environment

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