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Abzac headquarters in the town of Abzac, Gironde, France

Abzac, a long industrial tradition in the heart of Bordeaux's vineyards

Founded in 1928, Abzac is one of the leading producers of cardboard tubes, cardboard cores and cornerboards in Europe and in North America, as well as fibre drums.

Abzac is now a privately-owned group with a wide global reach, headquartered near Bordeaux in an 18th century mill.

Abzac Group generates sales of 200 M€ and has a network of 14 plants worldwide, 8 in Europe and 6 in North America, with approximately 750 staff.

A French family-owned group

The Abzac Group's shares are owned by the d'Anglade family. The Company is currently run by a Management Board and a Supervisory Board, chaired by Jean-Louis d'Anglade.

The 3rd generation is now managing the Group.

Abzac, mission and values

Focused on a continuous development, totally independently, the Abzac Group works in a partnership approach with its customers, suppliers and partners.

The objective is to assist our industrial customers with their developments by providing specific, 100%-sustainable solutions meeting their requirements.

This means listening to, innovating with and satisfying our customers through trusting relationships and partnerships built to last.

The teams of men and women invested in the future of the company and observing its ethics work together to achieve this objective.

Abzac asks them all to act in accordance with applicable regulations and to ensure that all their activities are conducted with honesty, integrity and professionalism, particularly by combating corruption in all its forms.

These values must reinforce the trusting relationship developped by the Abzac Group with its customers, its suppliers, its staff and all its partners.

A strategy based on growth and proximity

As an industrial partner, Abzac benefits from the necessary resources to be geographically close to its customers and markets, thanks to its network of plants for the production of cardboard tubes, Kraft drums and cardboard corners.

Its professional approach based on customer care, experience and know-how, is its guarantee for the development of specific solutions, customer-oriented solutions, meeting the requirements of the main users of cardboard tubes, cardboard corners and fibre drums.

This close relationship is central to Abzac Group's sustainable development approach, with the aim of producing close to user markets, allowing us to better listen to customers' needs, optimise transport, and ultimately provide better service.


Acquistion of Industrial Sagarra in Spain

Signature of a partnership agreement with Nagel Paper Company for the production of cardboard tubes in Georgia.


New production plant in spain :Piera 2

ABZAC continues its development in Germany


Expansion of the Anvin factory

Creation of a factory in Romania


The third generation of d'Anglade takes over the management of the Abzac Group

A second plant is established in Canada


Opening of the Spanish market with a factory in Barcelona

Abzac establishes its first plant in Canada


Launch of the first cardboard drums

Pierre Antoine d'Anglade creates Abzac cardboard and the first cardboard tubes for the paper industry in South West of France


Abzac, a diversified compagny

Product diversification

Today, the Abzac Group has 3 core cardboard processing business lines.
At the beginning, back in 1928, Pierre Antoine d'Anglade, the founder of the Group, set up a cardboard tube production plant in Abzac (Gironde) for the paper mills springing up in the area.

This is Abzac's initial role, SUPPORT:
Cardboard tubes, cores and shells, a support for winding and unwinding.
The first example of product diversification was in the 1970s with a new business line: cardboard drums, also known as fibre or Kraft drums.

This is Abzac's second business line, CONTAINERS:
Industrial packaging for storage and transport, Kraft drums, cartridges.

With cardboard corners, Abzac diversified again, adding a 3rd business line, PROTECTION:
Cardboard corners and edge protectors.

Geographical diversification

At the end of the 1970s, and above all from the end of the 1980s, Abzac developed a local strategy of creating or acquiring new production sites to be close to major players. The Abzac Group, now widely established in France, has spread to Europe and North America.

This dual development strategy, both product-based and geographical, drives Abzac's growth.

Turnover 2022 : 200 M€



  North America


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