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ABZALIS : fibre drum for emptying with a pressure plate.
This fibre drum is Ideal for pumpable products :
Hot melt adhesives, mastics emptied at ambient temperature, silicone seals and elastomers, inks and varnishes, other products emptied hot or cold.
Option: this fibre drum can be equipped with a removable bottom for total emptying.
ABZACLIM : weather-proof fibre drum for outdoor storage.
Outdoor storage from -35° to +75°C
Filling temperature up to 105°
Can hold up to 300 kg
Examples of application for Abzaclim fibre drums:
Nitrocellulose, activated carbon, alumina, pesticide, catalyst powers, expanded polystyrene, etc. (more information)

ABZALIQ : fibre drum for non-hazardous liquids (UNO classification).
Examples of applications for Abzaliq fibre drums :
Cosmetic bases, lubricants, pigments, latex, polyester resin, glucose, ink... can be conditioned in this fibre drum.

The technological used to produce the Abzaclim type fibre drum gives a high level of thermal inertia. It is an advantage of the fibre drum when the conditioned product is sensitive to frost, or in difficult storage conditions.

The fibre drum Abzaplus, consisting of 100% mono-material compounds, has been designed to reduce the weight of packaging while remaining tamper-proof and meeting the requirements of strength and solidity.
It is an all-fibre drum approved by UNO for the transport of YZ hazardous materials.
This fibre drum can be recycled without any tooling just like a cardboard box, thus providing further comfort and safety for the end-user.
(more information)
Designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries, Abzasanté is an all-fibre drum without any metal parts.
The Abzasanté drum, suitable for contact with foodstuffs, is the answer to the stringent requirements in terms of cleanliness of sensitive industries. It can be recycled without any tooling just like a cardboard box, thus providing further comfort and safety for the end-user.

Abzac offers a range of special fibre drums designed for wires and cables:
The inner core of the fibre drum acts as a guide for the wire or cable. Filling and extraction are facilitated by the use of the fibre drum.
The Kraft drums for wire and cable mills can be crimped or in the Abzaplus range.
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