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environment-friendly fibre drums and cardboard tubes, corners

Today’s world is dominated by the increasing need for renewable sources of energy, energy-savings and for the reduction of carbon emissions. Abzac has adopted a strategy of sustainable development through an active participation in the protection of the environment.

Environment-friendly products

All our boards, cardboard tubes, cornerboard, fibre drums and caulking cartridges are recycled and recyclable, designed to reduce the use of natural resources and to enhance recycling.
Abzac emphasises the use of recycled board or Kraft from sustainably managed forests where the natural resources are constantly renewed by planting more trees than are felled.

Increasingly high-performance packaging

Thanks to its technological know-how in the production of board and its derivatives, to its expertise in the processing of board, Abzac continues to develop high performance products with a constant reduction in weight. By reducing the use of raw materials to produce cardboard tubes, cornerboard, sealing cartridges and fibre drum, Abzac contributes to the preservation of natural resources.

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